The brief history of the connection between clothing and shelter 1

Cultural and economical conditions has always influences architecture and fashion. The connection between buildings and clothings goes back to the ice-age.

In ancient Greece, the iconic tunic out of wool which was made from a single fabric wrapped over the body of women or men (called Chiton dress), were used both in clothing and Greek architecture. Also different kind of chiton, named Doric and Ionic was used in architectural orders later on.

In the Gothic time, in both architecture and fashion, one can see a verticality, pointiness and so on… For example, below you can see the Yeohlee Teng and Pewter Skirt design bronze Gothic arch detail from 1999-2000 Autumn/Winter.

Yeohlee Teng design
1999-2000 Autumn/Winter.

To be continued in the next blog….

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