Noa Raviv

Noa Raviv influenced from distorted digital drawing. She printed and stitched lines and grids onto fabrics to evoke images of corrupted 3D drawings made using computer modelling software. She was fascinated by the grid shown on 2D screen , how they made voluminous objects in the 3D software. She translated those lines into textile to […]

Myra Postolache interview with Nogol Zahabi, the founder of Architecture In Fashion for Trend Prive Magazine

This interview is between Myra Postolache with Nogol Zahabi which was published in Trend Prive Magazine website on 6th October 2018. TPM: Why have you chosen to launch Architecture In Fashion? Nogol Zahabi: It always starts with oneself. What you need, you go after. It was the same for me. I thought about it in 2005 […]