The brief history of the connection between clothing and shelter 4

Over the last 25 years globalisation and information technology led to developments in both fields of Fashion and Architecture. In 1980s, Gianni Versace and Hermes both used the classical motifs-the Greek pretor key pattern. column capitals, or the acanthus leaf- in women ears and accessories contemporaneously with architecture embrace of postmodernism stylised neoclassical elements Cavin […]

André Courrèges, Lord of the Space Ladies (1923-2016)

“Where do his tennis dresses, his sailor dresses come from? Where did he find them? On the steps of Delphi. In the wardrobe of Electra. They are modern and they are antique,” wrote Violette Leduc in a piece entitled “Is Courrèges Wearable?” published on Vogue in 1965.  André Courrèges was an inspiration for many modern designers. He […]

The brief history of the connection between clothing and shelter 2

In 1850s, the prefabrication in building materials and steel construction made more open architecture and lighter spaces. The use of fewer structural elements in construction building. The Crystal Palace, designed by Joseph Paxton for the great exhibition of 1851 in London, had one the most open and expensive interior materials of its time. A very […]

Rubber Balloon Collection by Fredrik Tjaerandsen

Fredrik Tjærandsen graduated from Saint Martin university has recently presented giant balloons that deflate and become a dress. The idea for the “bubbles” (his nickname for the dresses) came to him early on in his studies at CMS. “I was inspired by my own early childhood memories. I wanted to recreate the fogginess and the ‘mist’ […]