How stores are going to look like in 2022

Fashion industry had its own noticeable amount of change in 2021 and as it learned to co-exist with Covid, it saw its different parts adapt to the new normal. There are many things in the fashion industry that are predicted to change in 2022 and among those resides the role of a store and how it should be designed in the following years.

One of the most eye-catching yet predictable changes of the Pandemic was the enormous surge in online shopping and that led to the questioning of the future of physical stores. Now that people are more comfortable than ever with online shopping, physical stores have to offer something more than just a shopping destination and things would come down to the experience of a store

To offer an unforgettable experience and to be able to transform the design of a physical store occasionally, open architectures are going to be the trend in the industry. Brands are going to learn from art galleries and turn their stores to places that would host events and gatherings that would urge the customers to visit. Using removable articles and a fluid floor plan would be the go-to for physical store designs.

Technology with no doubt will play a big part in the physical store of 2022 and using AI and AR would become the common practice. With the use of technology in stores, brands will engage the visitors in a way that they would have a memorable experience; whether they shop or not.

Another trend that we would probably see in store designs is the maximum use of natural light. With the fashion industry under pressure for its harmful practices, more and more brands would consider limiting their energy use to have a positive reputation. So, it would be possible to see modern ways of sourcing energies in physical stores and also lots and lots of windows!

The physical store of 2022 is going to be a place for fashion lovers, customers and even casual visitors to have an enjoyable experience and to talk and meet other enthusiasts. It’s going to be a place to experience things that people have been deprived of in the past two years.

Written by Toranj Nasiri.