Louis Vuitton Decorates Miami

Going through the news these past few days, it feels like Louis Vuitton has made Miami its Capital for December of 2021. Alongside its latest fashion show in Miami which also paid tribute to Virgil Abloh, the late creative director of LV’s menswear, the brand has also opened its second ever menswear boutique in the city and has also contributed to Art Basel Miami with a new set of Objets Nomades displayed in their womenswear store.

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Store in Miami, Florida

The newest menswear LV store was supposed to be a remarkable point in Virgil Abloh’ career, but he couldn’t be there to witness the grandiose store. Louis Vuitton’s CEO has mentioned to the press that Virgil had a great role in designing the store. The newest store which is located in Miami Design District, follows the footsteps of Miami Modernist architectural style and stands out in the street with its pointy edges and glass walls. The store’s façade is inspired by Marcel Wanders Studio Objets NomadesDiamond Screen which is a reinterpretation of LV’s iconic monogram motif.

Objets Nomades is a line of objects that Louis Vuitton envisioned to expand its influence on art forms outside of the fashion industry. These objects have always been in LV’s DNA, but they became purchasable in the past decade. Now in light of Art Basel Miami, Louis Vuitton has revealed its newest Objets Nomades collection which include works from artist like Patricia Urquiola, Humberto Campana and Gabriele Chiave. These objects are occupying LV’s womenswear store for this year’s Art Basel and have created an environment for creatives to discuss architecture, fashion and design.

It has been years since LV started investing in art and stablishing itself as a key player in the art industry. These new local projects in neighborhoods like Miami Design District, shows that LV is not backing up on that promise and will continue as a brand for various aspect of a luxury life style.  

Written by Toranj Nasiri.