Introducing Barbara Ventura


Barbara Ventura is a designer whose variety and years of experience define her career. When looking through Barbara’s portfolio, it would be easy to get lost in the wide spectrum of her works and creations, but it would still be easy to follow her line of thought. But still nothing is as defining for Ventura as the art of Origami and its involvement in her career.

Origami is often seen in Barbara Ventura’s designs and the many shapes that this art can create has led her to use it in fashion, architecture and various objects. Monile, Volubile and Poliedrico are just some of the many objects this Italian designer has created through the art of Origami.

Ventura is not one to keep her craft and knowledge to herself and she has dedicated a great part of her life to teaching and hosting workshops. She has held workshops on multiple Origami techniques and other Japanese arts and crafts. Learning with Barbara Ventura would ensure a basket full of skills ready to be used in a sustainable world, away from the wasteful practices of consumerist ideologies. 

Written by Toranj Nasiri.

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