Introducing the Designer Pamela Coromoto

There are many female-led jewelry brands out there, but only a handpicked couple of them try to give back to the women community. One of these brands is Pamela Coromoto which has Venezuelan roots and is currently produced in Belgrade.

Marianne Villalobos who is the creative mind behind this architectural jewelry brand is an architect, mom and a passionate designer. This Venezuelan designer has not learned the art of jewelry making professionally, but is more than willing to share her craft. She has made endeavors through working with an NGO and hosting workshops to pass on her skill to other women and help them find their place in the economy and society. The brand is also ethically sustainable and sources traditional and technical materials to lessen the negative effects of the fashion and jewelry industry on the environment.

Ethics, however, is not the only distinctive feature of Pamela Coromoto; the brand also presents aesthetically valuable designs. The geometrical pieces that you can find in Pamela Coromoto’s collections can be used in a variety of styles. Their secret lies in their simplicity, although each piece makes a statement, it is still designed with a clear and minimalistic view. This feature of Pamela Coromoto allows its jewelries to be spotted in classic, contemporary and avant-garde outfits.

Innovation, balance, origins and abstraction are the words usually used in describing Pamela Coromoto’s works. The brand has a sense of serenity that leads you towards finding satisfaction in the basics of life and living in continuity.

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