Zaha Hadid’s Fashion Adventures

The late Zaha Hadid is known as one of the most influential figures in contemporary architecture and her works around the world are famous for their curvy and asymmetrical designs. Although her influence in architecture is what she is mostly known with, her influence travels further and reaches the world of fashion. Many fashion designers have been inspired by her astonishing works and Hadid herself had collaborated with a couple of fashion and jewelry brands.

Hadid’s work in architecture was famous for minimal and white and grayish designs, however; she usually went for more vibrant colors and designs in her fashion collaborations. In 2006 Louis Vuitton collaborated with Hadid on a reinterpretation of their famous bucket bag. Zaha opted for a design that stopped the bag in its motion and brought attention to the monogram and the bright pink color of the bag. Zaha Hadid also worked with Melissa in 2008 to produce a capsule collection made of plastic to bring the curves and lines of architecture to the realm of fashion. The shoes were introduced in a variety of colors and were the source of inspiration for design trends of the coming years.

One of the most known collaborations of Zaha is her Celeste necklace made in collaboration with Swarovski. The avant-garde couture necklace is considered to be an important moment in the crossing worlds of fashion and architecture. This collaboration continued in two years and resulted in the birth of the Crista collection which was apparently inspired by the birds of paradise. Later, Hadid had done various projects with jewelry brands such as Bulgari and George Jensen which were released after her death and brought her vision back to life.

Italian brand Fendi also collaborated with Zaha Hadid on an edition of their Peakaboo bag in 2014. Zaha brought depth and layers to the bag and made it a memorable part of her portfolio. But, luxury was not the only realm that Hadid stepped in. She also worked with Adidas and Pharrell Williams on the Superstar shoes. Williams asked Hadid to reimagine the toe shell of the shoe which it resulted in an edition with depth and contemporary design.

Zaha Hadid’s influence stays alive in the fashion industry and many architectural fashion designers take inspiration from her works around the world. Seoul Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion weeks in the world, is hosted in Dongdaemun Design Plaza which is a designed by Zaha and every time the Fashion Week goes live, she is remembered.