Why do we wear Architectural Fashion?

Fashion and architecture have always been connected to each other and there is a great number of fashion designers who have been inspired by architecture in their works. Interest in architectural fashion does not just come from architects themselves, but also from people who have no expertise in architecture. We are here today to find out the reason behind the allure of fashion inspired by architecture in the fashion world.

A look back on the fashion designers inspired by architecture shows us that they are usually bold, ground-breaking and forward-thinking artists. Designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Demna Gvasalia and Gareth Pugh have chosen architecture as a source of inspiration to introduce new shapes and ideas to the fashion world. So, often people who are drawn to structural clothing are also looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the dress codes of the society. 

One of the characteristics of architectural fashion items is that they do not play by the common shapes in the industry and they portray the body from a different point of view. A person who chooses to wear architectural items is throwing away every rule of fashion and is instead focusing on the body part of their choice. Architectural fashion items free the person who is wearing them from society norms and instead introduces them as someone who is unique in their taste and behavior. 

Although freedom and abnormality are part of the architectural style, they do not necessarily mean being disheveled. The lines and cuts of an architectural piece automatically make a style organized and would show that the person wearing them is determined and clear-headed in their daily life as well. Afterall no matter how asymmetrical and avant-garde a piece inspired by architecture is, clean lines and cuts are the main principles of it.

It might seem that architectural fashion is only for the rebels and extroverts, but that is simply not the case. Many choose this style to express themselves through their clothing, while they might not have gregarious and extrovert personalities. It is important to remember no matter how you think or behave, architectural fashion is there to help you stand out and express your hidden ideas!