How to be stylish post-Coronavirus?

One of the most asked questions in the fashion world right now is “how to dress after the Coronavirus?”. With public vaccination going on around the globe and restriction becoming less and less severe each day, it is starting to look like there is hope for going back to life before Covid, and we need to talk about the dress code of tomorrow!

Comfort is definitely staying with us post-Coronavirus, but it is going to be more stylish. It is important to show that you are laid back, but that you also spent time on your outfit. The asymmetric dress here is the piece that you would need in your wardrobe after Covid. The key point in your post-Coronavirus wardrobe is functionality, and that has shown itself in this dress as it is breathable and comfy for summer, and perfect for layering during fall. It is important to shop consciously more than ever, and the Asymmetrical dress by Sepideh Jahanbakhsh is there to make sure you will have a piece that would be functional for you.

Although comfort is key in style after the pandemic, glitz and glamour is not to be forgotten! After months of staying home and having few human interactions, attention is going to be what everyone interested in fashion would need. So, a statement piece is needed in style to attract just the enough amount of attention to stand out. The Golden necklace by Sogol Jamdar that is worn in this style is the eye-catching factor of the overall look. The details of this necklace would grab the attention of anyone in a meeting or a party, and makes this necklace just the enough amount of accessory needed in a look.

If you are preparing your post-Coronavirus wardrobe, make sure to blend casual and fun pieces alongside some formal and glamorous ones, a little bit of everything to get back to “normal” life.