The perfect outfit for Sunday brunch

Every working woman’s wardrobe is full of formal and work-ready garments, so dressing up for weekends could be a little tricky. Our advice for easing up your weekend outfit is, using a fun handbag that could lighten up your style. This wooden Fuscara bag here has everything that a style needs; a touch of nature, some color and a long strap for comfort. The golden Fuscara bag uses Ash wood, so it is the perfect choice for showing your love for nature! The bag is hand sewn and its eco leather interior promises you that not only you are carrying a part of nature in your hand, but also preserving it.

We encourage you to keep the rest of your style simple, but still eye-catching. This white geometrical Solouk blouse is a great piece if you are looking for something sophisticated yet sexy. The blouse goes perfectly with the Origami skirt by Sors, that also comes in green and would work in this style if you wanted a little bit more of colors. This Sors skirt is great for casual looks and its Origami lines complement the Blouse’s cuts.

And for the finishing touches? Don’t forget a statement jewelry. Here we recommend these handmade Majorcaearrings by Pyla Jewelry to go along with your overall look. These earring’s fun design makes your style less serious and weekend ready, perfect for grabbing the attention of your fashionable friends!

And just like that, you are ready to rock the weekend in style!