The brief history of the connection between clothing and shelter 3

The work of Paul Poiret in Fashion industry has some Art Nouveau´s popular curvilinear shapes of the late nineteenth century.

In this time the simplicity of form and fluid ornamentation was important. the shapes coming from nature were sources of inspiration.

Later during the early to mid-twentieth century, both fashion and architecture moved toward a great simplicity. Ornaments stripped away, structures began to be exposed, … You can see particularly in the work of architects like Le Corbusier and J.J.P.Oud and fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga.

Bauhaus school, in particular, emphasized for the idea of buildings and fashion clothings should be expressive of their function. Fashion designer, Andre Courreges, was profoundly influenced by the architectect, Le Corbusier. In 1960 he said: “My problem is… to harmoniously resolve function problems/just like the engineer who designs a plane, like a man who convinces a car.”

Fashion Obituary: André Courrèges, Lord of the Space Ladies (1923-2016)

“Where do his tennis dresses, his sailor dresses come from? Where did he find them? On the steps of Delphi. In the wardrobe of Electra. They are modern and they are antique,” wrote Violette Leduc in a piece entitled “Is Courrèges Wearable?” published on Vogue in 1965.