Can you call plastic a jewelry?

Laura Stefani, an artist from Padua who together with Eva Franceschini has been able to create precious fashionable jewels with plastic bottles.

Laura Stefani, capable of reinventing materials of various kinds, creating trendy necklaces, rings, brooches and bracelets and her collaboration with Eva Franceschini, also an artist specialized in creating jewelry with a contemporary taste …

“I needed a material that lends itself to being manipulated and twisted according to my imagination. The plastic of the bottles is humble and nothing has to do with jewels classically understood as precious: thinking of using it seemed original to me, transforming it is a compelling challenge. It is usually considered only in a negative way: a waste, a waste to be disposed of. In my eyes, on the other hand, it is light, available in many colors and shades of color, opaque or transparent, easily available, deformable and (a detail that is not negligible for those who, like me, experiment all the time) at no cost.” told Laura to the In bottle Magazine in 2013.

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