Rubber Balloon Collection by Fredrik Tjaerandsen

Fredrik Tjærandsen graduated from Saint Martin university has recently presented giant balloons that deflate and become a dress.

The idea for the “bubbles” (his nickname for the dresses) came to him early on in his studies at CMS.

“I was inspired by my own early childhood memories. I wanted to recreate the fogginess and the ‘mist’ of the memories themselves,” Tjærandsen tells Vogue. “The inflated bubbles are about being able to wear an unclear memory. When the bubble emerges onto the catwalk, it’s the dream. The deflation of the bubble visualises the moment when we realise we have a consciousness.”

A huge inflated rubber that forms a bubble around body plus the head.

They are colourful balloons which allow the person wearing them to deflate them whenever they want by releasing the air and coming out of them on the catwalk and transforming them into dresses and skirts in front of surprised audience on the runway.

This Norwanian designer told Love magazine that he sourced the rubber for the collection from Sri Lankan suppliers that support and buy from local growers.

They were 8 looks in total. Yellow balloon followed by sea green, purple, red , skintight blue rubber, Orange, black and the final was the pale lilac balloon which closed the show.

While the blue armbands took about 10 minutes to inflate before the show, the largest of the bubbles can take up to an hour.

After the show which was on the 30th May 2019, the pictures and videos went viral on social media all around the world.

These colourful collection are truly inspirational for those in the field of Fashion, Architecture and design.

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