10 ways to choose the right Jewelry for your outfit

When I read articles, I usually skip the introduction part. Therefore I just skip writing it too.

Here are the 10 ways you choose the right jewellery for your outfit:

  1. Jewelry that compliment your skin tone

Warm skin tones go well with yellow metals and yellow, orange or green gemstones. Gold goes well with darker colours and matte skin.

Cool skin tones pair well with White gold or silver with red, purple and blue gems. Silver is perfect for most natural skins.

2. Mixing warm colours jewelry with cool colour clothings

Warm jewelry colours pair nicely with cold plain colour such as blue or purple.

3. Mixing cool colour jewelry with warm colour clothings

On the other hand, Cool jewelry colour match well with warm yellow or orange colour. ( You could see the colour wheel for inspiration).

4. Busy clothing with simple jewelry

To balance your busy outfit with patterns which are very popular these days, I suggest a simple jewelry like solid bracelets, earrings or watches instead of showy accessories.

5. Black and White and Gold

Black and Gold are simple and powerful. You could wear them with little black cocktail dress for evening or with white outfit for daytime.

6. Pearls with white

What a perfect match with a various shades of ocean colours. Don’t you agree?

7. Spring and summer with cool jewelry and Autumn and Winter with warm jewellery

To manage this balance I highly suggest the colour chart.

8. Match the jewelry with the occasion

One of the most important thing to remember. We all know jewelry for work should be comfortable and different from evening jewelry and …

9. Use statement jewelry

Unique, statemental jewelry always make you the star of the event. they also help highlight your face and eyes.

10. Unique designs are girls best friend (One might think diamond)

Once upon a time Diamond were girls best friend. Although I am a big diamond lover but I say in the modern world, unique, architectural jewelry are girls best friend. Some might come with diamonds too šŸ™‚