3D drawing collection by Noa Raviv

Noa Raviv influenced from distorted digital drawing. She printed and stitched lines and grids onto fabrics to evoke images of corrupted 3D drawings made using computer modelling software.

She was fascinated by the grid shown on 2D screen , how they made voluminous objects in the 3D software.

She translated those lines into textile to creat the illusion of the 3D software.

Raviv used the shapes of broken Greek and Roman marble sculptures to inform the asymmetric silhouettes. “The silhouettes were influenced by classical sculptures, which were the point of departure for creating the collection,” she said.

“Those sculptures are rarely found unbroken, thus the shapes and patterns of the collection are mostly non symmetrical and has a sort of distorted or fractured look.”

“In the 3D software I worked with there is a feature that marks the edges of an object with a selected colour,” Raviv said.

“This feature helps to spot errors and I used to work with a bold shade of orange. Therefore I thought it would be nice to bring that shade of orange into the collection.”

Photography is by Ron Kedmi.