5 Bags Every Female Architect Should Own!

Sure it is lovely to wear popular brands like Gucci and … but a female architect always loves to wear different. If you are reading this, it means that your taste is like an architect!

The newest trend with a strong design, beautiful and yet comfortable. A real statement piece! Let’s look at the most wanted bags from architects.

  1. Kofta Architectural backpacks are on top of our list. Choose your favourite and be the first to wear it :



2. Fuscra Wooden Origami clutches. Unique Origami handmade clutches coming in  limited edition colours so click and own yours before they are gone:



3. Tessa Straver leather and steel bags. Another must have in every architect’s closet. Have a look at the variety of designs and colours and choose the one which suits you best:



4. Issey Miyake shopper bags is another must have for everyday. Easy and comfortable. Don’t you agree?


5. And last but not least is Veni Morgan’s mini shoulder bags. Shop it from the link below:



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Write us in comment which other bag do you prefer to have in your closet!