Myra Postolache interview with Nogol Zahabi, the founder of Architecture In Fashion for Trend Prive Magazine

This interview is between Myra Postolache with Nogol Zahabi which was published in Trend Prive Magazine website on 6th October 2018.

TPM: Why have you chosen to launch Architecture In Fashion?

Nogol Zahabi: It always starts with oneself. What you need, you go after. It was the same for me. I thought about it in 2005 when I was going up and down Oxford Street and High street Kensington to buy myself an architectural outfit for my next jury. 

I was ready to start the platform in 2015 and after researched I noticed nobody started such a platform so at the beginning of 2017, I ordered the platform and we could launch it at the end of that year. 


TPM: What ‘lifestyle’ does the Architecture In Fashion promote? 

Nogol Zahabi: I cannot say Architecture in Fashion promotes a specific lifestyle. I don’t want to choose names or specific words, because then I need to stick with them limiting my creativity. I want to think freely and want to move with time so I can only say it promotes an UNIQUE lifestyle in present and future time frame.  


TPM: What is the biggest challenge to launch an e-commerce nowadays?

Nogol Zahabi: I would say to reach the potential buyer! Surely more factors affect how much the consumer might be willing to spend – but your architectural brands are made with an unique design and craftsmanship.

TPM: What type of costumer should buy from Architecture In Fashion? 

Nogol Zahabi: Definitely people whom appreciate craftsmanship, uniqueness, designed and a different angle from what is available everywhere else in the market. It is for the people who want to wear different but not just any different. Different with knowledge that these designs followed the design rules such as, harmony, comfort, beauty, dominancy, scale, and so many other criteria that a good design needs to have.


Photo: Cornel Petrus | Feeric Fashion Week |


TPM: Do you feel the same people who buy architectural clothes or accessories can buy specific home design labels too from your platform in the future? 

Nogol Zahabi: I think I would love to focus on Wearables. They are so vast with so many designers in the world that I would like to focus on. And every year new graduates in the Fashion and Architecture industry join the market.


Photo: Cornel Petrus | Feeric Fashion Week |


TPM: How did you scout the actual brands as partners in the collaboration? How they made the difference and what a brand should have to join Architecture In Fashion?

Nogol Zahabi: They need to have the criteria, which make them both architectural and wearable such as the harmony, comfort, scale, beauty, geometry and shape, volume, material, texture and etc. I also encourage sustainable designs much more than non-sustainable ones.


TPM: What kind of project will join Architecture In Fashion in the future?

Nogol Zahabi: This year we already participated in ‘Milan Design Week’ in Italy and ‘Feeric Fashion Week’ in Romania. And we are also going to be in ‘Lugano Design District’ in Switzerland.

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